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They never increased the cost!!

In researching and meeting with many local companies - an incredible amount of our time and energy was spent in hopes of finding a company who would be ethical and upstanding in taking on a large home remodeling project for our family. 

Looking back over the past months, we Shahin/ Pino Fiori’s labor and vision. The project turned out to be better than we could have imagined. We

gave them a challenge: Build new construction onto our old home and make it appear as if we had no new construction done. Can't wait to post the

pictures. It looks incredible and the flow of the house is better than ever. Shawn did a great job on the design and even did some corrections to the old

part of the house.

Always felt like they went above and beyond issues that arose and never "nickeled & dimed" us or made excuses when things didn't go right, but would

always try to work with us to ensure we felt comfortable and were happy. They also helped us with staying on budget which was VERY important and it

has been a truly incredible journey.

Shawn/Shahin and team are amazing guys who care so much about their work and who do things right without cutting corners or masking. Responsive,

caring, reliable, trustworthy....could go on but will sum up saying that I highly recommend you hire this company for your remodel or new construction.

L Paul, Fullerton (residential) - 2016

I had done a lot of research online in order to find a cost effective contractor that could also provide great service. I had never worked with a contractor in my life and my new office was going to be a big project. I even remember the day I met Shahin (Shawn), he showed up with a measuring tape and note pad. That surprised me since most contractors I had met with barely walked through the new space. Once I talked with Shahin I knew immediately I would work well with him, given all his knowledge and advice on the construction. Bonus the price tag was half the price compared to other companies (I was even told to save a bit more for unexpected cost, which happened but very minimally) like new electrical sensors the City had started to ask for. He even did the design of the showroom and got all the permits from the City and Marshal was always available to solve all the details. The work was done within the time frame estimated, which worked great for our opening month. The crew was always kind and professional, even respected the

building's rules of no noise early mornings. Yet they stayed on Sundays and late nights to make sure the work would be ready. Every inch of the construction was done to perfection and make our office look great. Every week we received invoices to keep us posted on cost and expenses. We paid in stages as projects were completed.

This year, they remodeled our new home and completely changed the old rotten wood floor framing and installed new structure and hardwood floors to match the rest of the house. I have already referred Shahin (Shawn) to some friends for work on their homes and they were equally pleased. I highly recommend their services (Keep up the amazing work and get ready to build my next office Shahin!!!! With many thanks

to making the process so incredible.

M Naida, Santa Monica (2 projects, commercial and residential) - 2016, 2018

My experience with Shahin and the company could not have been more pleasant. They were referred to me by a friend to renovate a home I had just purchased in Venice. Pino Fiori redid the floors in the entire house, painted and did a small fix on my kitchen ceiling. I hired them again one year later to renovate my kitchen. They completely gutted the kitchen and removed a wall. Shawn had structural plans made and got the permit from the city and passed all the inspections easily. The outcome was amazing. I sold my place just this summer and my realtor and I are certain that we got well above asking, because of the renovations we made, thanks to Shawn.

Throughout both renovations, Shawn and his team were professional, courteous and timely. As with any gut renovation, sometimes unexpected issues come up depending on the bones of the house or pre-existing conditions in the house. However, Shahin always communicated any updates or issues that

came up in a timely manner and there were never any surprise billings from the company. Anytime I wanted something to be done differently or changed, he went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with the final outcome. They also kept most of our furniture covered even if they had masked

all the construction section. I would absolutely refer and hire this company again and hope to do so the next time I buy a place.

Thanks again to Shahin and his team for making my home look so beautiful while I lived there and for helping me get my money back and more when we


Angie, Venice (2 projects, residential) 2017

Shawn and his guys at Pino Fiori performed a complicated kitchen remodel for me. Our old 1950's kitchen was gutted and rebuilt from the ground up. Part of the work involved removing two load-bearing walls and reinforcing the foundation and existing structure. New walls were built to form the new kitchen

and enlarge one closet. All of this with City approved plans and official permits*. I have to say that the job was done with almost no rework or major problems. I am very happy with the result. It was nicely done and we finally have the modern kitchen we always wanted.

* I should also mention that this is the second contract that I have had with Shawn, the first being even larger than this one (adding several rooms). It was an easy choice to do this project with him because he did such a great job last time. Shawn is very good about letting you know all of the costs of the work up front, so there are no surprises. The final price ends up being what was agreed upon. They never ask for more money. I would have no problem doing my next project with Shawn.

Kris , Long Beach (2 projects, residential) - 2017, 2018

In my opinion, when it comes to providing complex service like that from a construction company, you don't know if it's a good company or not until you

find out how they operate in a crisis. So I called them, and a couple days later, Shawn and Marvin showed up at my doorstep. I explained the project to them, and saw that clearly, these were experienced people. They (and especially Shawn) pointed out the pitfalls of some things I wanted to do, and how certain details drive costs up, and that I would need to balance out what I wanted vs. what was practical. In that sense, I felt like he really had my best interests in mind. He even talked me out of a feature that would have more than doubled the cost of the project (lots of engineering and structural work).

Now, being the suspicious person that I am, Shawn was still just a guy coming to my house - If I was going to hand them tens of thousands of dollars, I wanted to get to know them a bit better. I asked them about the project progress. Shawn knew immediately what I was getting at, and showed a set of blueprints on his desk, and explained that he was looking for the right design and size of a particular set of big custom windows for my house. I was good with that - of course, these guys are working the project, not actually swinging hammers. They explained how they engaged subcontractors, how their fee schedule worked, and how to pay as the project progressed. For example, the first step was demolition, which would take two days, and I would need to pay $3000 to get it started. None of that "give me $25,000 up front" stuff. All of the details, such as engineering, permitting, framing, drywall, windows, plumbing, electrical, etc. were listed in their schedule, with approximate milestones and payments, It seemed to me that this method protected both me AND them, which is a good thing. I wrote them at least 6-8 checks during the project, confident that we had momentum without risk. That said, the project took a bit longer than I expected, but it was through no fault of Pino Fiori. For example, my homeowners' association was slow to approve designs, the city took two extra weeks to issue the permit (Shawn had prepared the structural engineer designs as well), and then at some point, the framers found termites, and perhaps a couple other issues. I point these things out because I can see how it might be easy for some homeowners to blame the contractor, but hey, stuff happens, and we all need to be flexible. Most important, Shawn had mentioned the eventualities before contract. I am leaving out a lot of little things that Shawn did to help me out, and he was on site every day, the project was done on budget, with the expected quality. Some of it was up to me (finish work) and some was up to Pino Fiori, but we worked together, and things turned out as expected, with minimal confusion, and no nasty surprises. Did I mention that these guys were also NOT the most expensive, not by a long shot!

Anyway, I am so glad that I found them and did this project. My family and I get so much more use out of our house and it has really enriched our lives. I can hardly wait for the next project, and you can be sure that I will be calling Pino Fiori when I'm ready to get it started.

D Yamato, Irvine (residential) - 2017

We'd just moved to Tustin and bought a house that needed a lot of updates and an extension before we could be comfortable. Luckily, we got Marshal and

Shahin! They made our lives so much easier. They solved the problems, worked with inspectors and responded to all our questions, concerns and changes.

Their advices were good, the work was great and the personalities were a hoot! Shahin was always taking care of the details of the project, sometimes even

drawing sketches to explain how things are to be or could be done and his idea for shower valve installed away from the shower head, made much sense and works perfectly, while Marshall was more focused on the daily activities to deal with the workers. They have respected the timing and the budget accordingly with the contract we signed. Very fair pricing, no problems, very happy with the results. At Pino Fiori, they definitely know their business.

We highly recommend them if you want a work well done and in timely manner.

Thanks guys!

Serge, Tustin (residential) - 2018

In May 2018 we had a huge project which required the build out of our business. We had been in business almost 16 years and suddenly had to relocate. We found the perfect building in Newport Beach, but the office needed to be built out to meet the type of business that we offer to our patrons. The project had to be quick. We had 3 weeks! to re-build the space how we wanted it to suit the need of the business: office walls torn down; doors removed; carpet pulled up; ceilings rearranged, painting and flooring to the newly created space; etc. All had to be done in less than one month! meaning we needed a great referral who was professional; can meet the demands of the job; experienced; timely; and importantly, work well with us and most important, it should all be done with permit and inspections. We got the referral and they were Shahin & company. Upon meeting Shahin, we knew right away he had the personality and skills to meet what we were looking for. He listened keenly to what we wanted and expected the new space to look like; He offered professional advice and feedback that we did not even thought of. One of the greatest thing was their forthright attitude for us to save cost as a small business and also to get the work done TIMELY! He even redesigned the structure and got a new permit from the City of Newport Beach, still keeping

the tight schedule. Everyday, they showed up ahead of their crew and would sometimes leave in the wee hours of the night to get the job completed. Shahin provided constant feedback during the entire process and was always eager to help. We saved so much money by him providing alternatives to what could otherwise be costly. The office rooms were knocked out; the carpet removed; new walls erected to create a much bigger room; the nice 8 foot doors from the old office rooms re-used; walls painted; closets built; just everything that needed the space operable for business. Even as the project was completed, Shahin came by always offering feedback and offering time to help with odd ends.

For anyone having any construction projects, I put my seal of approval on using Pino Fiori for their strong professional acumen; thoughtfulness; professionalism; good business ethics. They never added to the costs of the original estimate.

Thank you, Shahin & Marshal. You have helped us immensely!

Newton A. Campbell

Newton Yoga studio (commercial) - 2018

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